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About us

Steel Buildings

Box Metal Buildings has a combined experience selling, designing, and detailing steel buildings of over 70 years. And the fact is experience matters.

You wouldn’t feel comfortable on an airplane if you thought the pilot was inexperienced. The same goes for buildings. With permit officials, architects, erection crews, concrete companies and more, a building project can quickly become overwhelming. Let our experienced team navigate the details and get you what you need before you know you need it.

Box Metal Buildings “Building Confidence”

What does experience mean? Experience means we include materials as a standard, instead of selling these extra. It means we see problems before they occur. This translates to a better design and a product that is easier to put together and maintain. With less problems, your project stays on budget and on schedule. It also means that if for some reason a problem does occur, you will only be communicating with professionals that have seen and solved this same problem in the past, the correct way.

This is how we build confidence in not only us, but our product. With many others focusing on the wrong things, it’s time for thinking to come back into the Box.

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Box Metal Buildings

Who We Are

Box Metal Building was formed after years of discussion and research in 2020 to change the customer experience from corporate and cold to local, personal, and friendly. We set our mission around three goals, Great Price, Great Service, & Great Buildings. 

Great Price

With the volume discounts from our suppliers and streamlined automated procedures, we keep prices low and pass these on to our customers.

Great Service

We put service as the overall end goal. From the quote to the field, our service does not stop after delivery. Our service never stops. We also only partner with vendors that align or exceed our expectations, and that share our vision of creating a personal customer experience second to none.

Great Buildings

Great buildings only come from those that know what the customer needs before they need it. Our staff knows what you need because they have worked with the erectors, permit officials and architects, and have followed up with customers and building end users on performance and wish list items. Our buildings include items others have as options because we know these items make a better building.

How We Do It

We start with knowledgeable project consultants with your goals as top priority, creating a personalized service. But we all know that more collaboration is better, when needed, we engage our experienced engineering and drafting departments to aide in quoting a structure that will outperform the competition.

Our in-house Engineering department then designs the project as if it were their own, including elements that others easily miss, creating an engineered product that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Then our in-house drafting creates the assembly drawings ensuring fitment and material lists including every beam, column, nut, bolt, and screw required by design.

Finally, one of our many manufacturing locations produces material from coiled steel, hot rolled, or plate material cut down to the 1/16” to ensure the building fits perfectly. This material is then bundled with care and shipped to your location.

Box Metal Buildings loves customers.

From the do-it-yourselfer to a seasoned erector, or land developer, we take a hands-on approach to understanding your needs and execute on time and on budget. With every customer, we hope to create a relationship, not just be your metal building supplier. Give us a call or complete a quote request form to get started.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

  • Less Maintenance A steel-framed steel building requires less work and cost to maintain than wood and masonry-framed buildings.
  • Energy Efficient Metal-framed metal buildings allow flexibility in the application of many different insulation solutions to meet your needs.
  • Durability of Steel Framing and panels do not deteriorate like wood and can resist wear better due to severe weather conditions.
  • Pest resistant Termites can damage the structural integrity of wood where metal is impervious to this damage.
  • Fire Rating Metal framed metal buildings are constructed of non-combustible material which provides a II-B Fire classification.
  • Insurance Cost Due to the use of non-combustible materials, metal buildings are more resilient against fire. This may reduce your insurance costs over buildings manufactured with other materials.
  • Longevity Many structures over 100 years old are framed with steel.
  • Time Efficient Constructing a steel-framed building is much faster than other construction.
  • Accuracy Steel-framed Buildings are prefabricated to bolt together with high tolerances.
  • Environmentally Friendly Many trees vs. recycled steel.
  • Reduced Waste No sticks of cut lumber blanketing the job site.

Over 70 Years of Experience

Why Choose Steel

We at Box Metal Buildings have decades of experience designing steel buildings. Steel allows for a more efficient design with less parts which will reduce erection time. Steel’s ability to span large widths without interior columns, provides an open interior space for most any layout configuration.

Current and Future costs

When you factor in the cost of a building and the maintenance for years to come, steel-framed steel buildings are the cost efficient investment.

Steel is designed to Last

There is a reason most commercial buildings are made from steel. They are quick to build, low maintenance, and are designed to last.

About Us

Ready to Start the Manufacturing Process for Your Industrial Building?

Great Service.

How We Can Help You

At Box Metal Buildings, we differentiate ourselves through the following attributes:

  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Our rapid responsiveness to requests
  • Xtreme quoting method resulting in on-time and accurate bids
  • A building value-engineered design that eliminates erection hours for on-time and under budget projects
  • Quick turn-around times for permit and construction drawings results in on-time projects
  • Organized, neat, orderly, and clear construction drawings promote quality
  • Detailed project schedules that clearly show the path to milestones and timely completion
  • Our trusting and loyal vendor relationships
  • Having 25+ shipping locations means there is a shop near you
  • Commitment to customer support, in the field, for issues that arise
  • Low overhead which keeps the cost down and ensures that only a qualified individual will answer the phone or message
  • No overcharging on change orders
  • Available product literature
  • Clear, intentional, transparent, and honest communication with all Project Managers
  • Solution-based problem solving; not problem finding
  • Timely payments to all our construction partners and material vendors
  • Responsible risk-management policies that protect our clients and customers
  • Project closeout processes that result in projects being completed on time, without loose ends
  • Willingness to understand and improve.
  • Will always respect and thank you for your business

Customer service has fallen in so many companies. We formed our company with customer service as the single core value. Box Metal Buildings “Building Confidence”.

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Our experienced staff will help you with whatever questions you may have. We know that buying a building can be complicated. Let us guide you through the process. Our no-pressure sales approach is refreshing to most clients. If we cannot help you with your project, we will do our best to recommend someone who can.